You'll Love These Features

Organizing your photos has never been easier!

Fototriever is the smart & simple photo tagging app for finding your photos FAST!

Tag Photo Sets Using Voice or Text

Use your voice or text options to quickly enter a tagged description to a photo set. You can add multiple descriptive words which later on will help improve the retrieval of the photos you wish to select and see.  Any part of the descriptive tag you place will launch a search.

Batch Picture Tagging

You can tag a photo set of up to 10 pictures.  Select your best photos choices for a a new grouping that you would like to tag for subsequent easy retrievals.

One Master Album

You will have one fully tagged master album that you have created by how you have described your individual photos or sets.  No need to select and build multiple different albums for different events.  Photo tags within Fototriever’s powerful search engine is all you need no matter how much time passes.

Photo Retrieving Power

Select a photo set that you’d want to see, view a slideshow, or share your photos.  Just start talking.  Say the tag or any key words in your tagged photo set description and Fototriever will auto-complete your tag search and instantly retrieve and display your results.  If speaking in a public space is not convenient, you can do it discreetly, later on, by using keyboard texting.

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